The Nelsons and The Robinsons

A family tree for  Lloyd Burns Nelson  (1926-2016) and Lucille Edna Nelson Robinson (1927-1987)  through their ancestors and for their descendants.

 ~Surnames Nelson~

Burns, Castleberry, Crain, Cole, Fish, Fishbach, Frecka, Harris, Lewis, Love, Moore, Nelson, O'Bannion, Quatsey, Scott, Thompson, Walker, Welch, Wood

Family Lore on the BURNS side of the family tells that Elizabeth 'Betsy' Aquatake Quatsy (1732-1756) was the daughter of Peggy ANUWEGi MOTOY (1710-1740)and Felix Aquatake WALKER(1690-1740) all of the Cherokee Nation.  Felix's Mother is reputed to be Ani ga Tage Wi Go Sa Motoy ( and his father a famous Cherokee chief,  Amatoy 'Pigeon of Tellico' Moytoy (1640-1730) 

~Surnames Robinson~

Barker, Brown, Browning, Carrico, Cavender, Hoggard, Howton, Impson, Fletcher, James, Peden, Robinson, Skidmore, Stamps, Tilley, Williams, Williamson, Wood, Yancey

The IMPSON Family were known Choctaw leaders in Oklahoma who were moved on the trail of tears and related to Chief James Fletcher, Chief of the Choctaw Nation in the Jacks Fork, Mississippi area before removal. 

Family lore in the JAMES  family and some evidence shows a relationship to Luzima Williamson, the daughter of Chief Bigfoot or Mamongazeda, an 18th C. Ojibwa Chief from Shagawamikong, a member of the Caribou doodem and his ancesters came from Grand Portage on the North Shore of Lake Superior.  

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